Serviced apartments are the perfect alternative to hotels.

Whether you are booking for yourself or for a client, there are a number of ways in which you can benefit from a serviced apartment. Spacious and fully serviced properties give you a base for your trip that’s more exclusive, private and flexible than a hotel, at an affordable price.

Experience the best of both worlds with home-style living and a hotel service. Serviced apartments provide a secure and comfortable environment that you are familiar with at home, but with the professional service you receive from a hotel.

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Serviced apartments vs hotels

All the reasons to stay in a fully serviced apartment over a hotel room.


Serviced apartments are much more spacious than hotels and comfortably furnished with plenty of seating for everyone to work and relax.

Home Cooking

Serviced apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen so you can enjoy your own cooked meals and save money on restaurants.

Cost Effective

Serviced apartments offer big savings on hotel prices with lower rates compared to hotels and excellent value for money when booking longer stays.

Central Locations

Serviced apartments are in the best locations close to all the best attractions, conveniently located close to local amenities and places to visit.

Home Comforts

Providing a secure and comfortable environment for your stay, serviced apartments offer a home away from home.


With your own kitchen, separate bedrooms and living spaces, serviced apartments allow you to follow your normal home routine with ease.


The flexibility of booking a serviced apartments with us means you can work, play and relax when it suits you and your guests.


Experience the best of both worlds with home-style living and hotel service - Serviced apartments are professionally cleaned.


With plenty of space there is no need to reserve a conference room for a meeting - Just host your meeting in the living or dining room.